Background Information

Our mission at Action 4 Liberty since this pandemic began is to do everything in our power to End Governor Walz' Illegal Emergency Powers and return freedom to Minnesotans.


It breaks my heart to hear the stories of businesses who have already shut their doors like the Bonfire Grill and the countless businesses on the cusp of failure if this illegal shutdown goes on any longer.


Last week, a hero emerged in all the chaos. His name is Kris Schiffler. He owns a bar/restaurant and event center in Albany, MN called Shady's.


Have you heard his story?


He planned to defy the Governor's illegal order and restart his business. So our awful Attorney General threatened him with fines, lawsuits and got an injunction against him. Kris was unable to restart.


But then something amazing happened...


Thousands of bars, restaurants, resorts and other businesses throughout Minnesota reached out to him and said they wanted to join the cause and defy Walz' illegal orders themselves.


Did you see that the archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis just successfully disobeyed the orders of our pitiful Governor when it came to worship? THIS can be done!


Our businesses are vital to our communities. They create local jobs, provide products and services to our neighbors, and support our families. Many businesses operate seasonally and cannot survive two more weeks and are about to close - FOREVER.


The time has come for us to stand together; take back our Freedom and RESTART business now!


Join us in supporting the unrestricted return of all businesses in Minnesota by pledging your support for Restart Minnesota on May 29th.