Pledge to Support Businesses on May 29th

Governor Walz's authoritarian mandates are strangling Minnesota businesses arbitrarily deciding which companies will fail. Our businesses are vital to our communities; create local jobs; provide products and services to our neighbors; and support our families. Many businesses operate seasonally and cannot survive two more weeks and are about to close - FOREVER.


The time has come for us to stand together; take back our Freedom and RESTART business now!

Businesses have joined together and declared that enough is enough, and pledged to open for business on Friday, May 29th, along with churches. They need YOUR support.


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All Minnesotans:

I pledge to stand with Minnesota businesses, communities, and families by supporting businesses that open on May 29th.


Business owners:

I pledge to stand with other Minnesota businesses by opening my business on May 29th.

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(for business owners)
or Text PLEDGE to +19522098717 to sign or Text PUBLISH to +19522098717 to sign